How to force your neighbor to de-rat?

How to force your neighbor to de-rat?

We tell you how and why you should force your neighbor to de-rat

Why should you force your neighbor to rat control?

Rats can be a danger to your health and the health of your children. They can cause bites and carry diseases such as the Plague. Although plague outbreaks are more a part of our history, forcing your neighbor to rat proof your home can be beneficial to your well-being. 

As we know from the outbreak of the plague in the 14th century. The presence of rats in our environment is a danger. Whether it is for our health or that of our children, their bites can have serious consequences (plague, leptospirosis...). Thus, we will present to you during this article why having rats in our environment can be harmful and how to encourage its neighbors and its entourage to get rid of it.

Diseases transmitted by rats

Plague is not so much a risk nowadays since a long time. Nevertheless, other rat-borne diseases can still affect humans, such as hemorrhagic fever and bite fever or leptospirosis, also known as rat disease. These cases are rare but not non-existent.

It is therefore important to inform your neighbor of the inconvenience if your home is infested with pest. Also, if your neighbor is not yet living in his or her new home, he or she may not have noticed the rat infestation. If you want to force your neighbor to eradicate rats, make sure you have established a minimum of dialogue with him beforehand. Be diplomatic, it can only work in your favour.


A little dialogue is always good

If the presence of rats bothers you, which is understandable. You can let your neighbor know that you want to live in peace and quiet. It's best to do this in a calm and friendly manner. Explain your fears to your neighbor. The ones that concern you and possibly your children, and talk about your need for serenity in relation to the situation. 


If you feel he is reluctant, try to understand why

Once you understand the problem, it becomes easier to find solutions. Is it a lack of means? A lack of time or availability? 


Offer to help your neighbor find solutions to the rat problem

If a financial obstacle prevents him from remedying the problem. You can also offer to help your neighbor to de-rat. For example, by setting up mouse traps, rat traps or rat poison or by calling a specialized company or an exterminator to help him manage the problem without having to devote all his free time to it. The search for a quality pest control professional can be a real headache. You can contact a platform, such as Jini for example, which allows you to find the best professional at the best price.

Did you know that the law is with you?

You have noticed the proliferation of rats and your neighbor refuses to act

You have informed your neighbor and he refuses to do anything against for pest management. He does not give you a deadline or is playing for time. There are a number of ways to force your neighbor to eradicate rats that can be implemented.

There is a by-law to force your neighbor to deratting

French law provides for measures to protect citizens from pests. Concerning rats, the decree of November 23, 1976 specifies that all owners, building syndicates and even tenants must take all necessary measures. Any one of the many pest control solutions that exist can be choosed but measures must be implemented quickly. The same applies to insects. You can therefore notify your neighbor if necessary. Again, be as diplomatic as possible, if he is cooperative, thank him. If you feel that the tone rises, remain as neutral as possible, it may be something that he does not want to hear or that causes him problems. However, the treatment of pests is a collective responsibility. In principle, the costs of pest control are the sole responsibility of the owner of the infested premises. The owner is responsible by law for paying the costs of the operation. In which way or how to get rid of rats is up to him : by himself or by calling a local pest control company. Again here Jini app can help by providing the best professional in less than a day.

City Halls have a rat control service

Another recourse is to use the local council's pest control service

If you are unable to force your neighbor to remove the pest or if the problem is more widespread, it may also be their responsibility and jurisdiction. There is a legal requirement for local councils to remove pests twice a year. This legal obligation applies to all town halls in France. In fact, town halls must completely eradicate pests from public spaces and sewers. They have the duty to do so at this frequency. This is a legal obligation. Check with your local authority to find out when the last derating took place. If it's been more than six months and there are no upcoming deadlines, you are entitled to report it. This may be a solution rather than forcing your neighbor to derat. Especially if the source of the problem is not in your home, it will be more effective.


If you have rats in your home, take action or trust a professional

If you have rats or mice in your home, if you see droppings, holes that could be caused by rats, or nibbled food in corners, you can choose to deal with the problem. You can choose to fix the problem. It will be good for your comfort, your neighbors' comfort and the goodwill of the neighbourhood. Similarly, if you are a landlord and your tenant reports the presence of rats, you are legally obligated to act. Take action for your well-being and that of your neighbours. If you want to find a professional quickly and not let the problem take too many proportions, it is imperative to act quickly.